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Notice To Vacate Property

Notice to Vacate
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The unfortunate consequence if a homeowner defaults on their mortgage payments with their lender causing a Foreclosure

I am sharing this today because a lot of distressed homeowners fear the unknown or the “other side” not knowing what really takes place…

Thinking the bank will put them out the same day…
Not knowing if they have to move out the same date of the sale, etc.
There’s a lot more myths than I could possibly name in this post/article.

I work with a lot of property owners who want to Stop the Foreclosure of their property, complete a loan modification short sale or even assistance with a traditional sale but are uncertain how to go about it when they have defaulted on their payments.

I am here to let you know as your Realtor, you do have options!
Contrary to some’s belief, you do have options!
Let’s work together and get your questions answered so that you can get this monkey off your back and move forward with your life!

I offer tons of options as your Realtor.
I understand that the traditional “listing your house with a Real Estate Agent” may not be the perfect option for you so reach out and let’s discuss further to create the perfect scenario for you and your home.

Look forward to chatting with you soon,

Falecia Terry
Contact me today at

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