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What is the housing market like in Newnan, GA?

The housing market in Newnan, Georgia is currently booming. Newnan is a great place for people who are relocating to Georgia from out of state because it is a large city with plenty of amenities. It is also a great place to raise a family because of the quality of the school system. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average housing value in Newnan is $243,000, which is higher than the state average. This figure is influenced by the number of large homes that are currently being built in the city.

Estamated Home Values by Falecia Terry

Change in Value in Newnan GA

When looking at the change in value in Georgia, the question is are you looking for just the change in value in Newnan Housing Market or do you want to see the change in value for the entire state?  It is a completely different question and one that many people do not realize.  Many people think that the value of their home is increasing when in fact, it could be decreasing.  If you are just looking at the change in value in Newnan, look at it year by year.  If you are looking for a change in value in Georgia, look at the entire state and not just Newnan.  The state of Georgia is made up of 159 counties with over 550 cities and towns.

Change in Value by Falecia Terry

Distressed Property Areas In Newnan GA

The number of distressed properties in Newnan can not be accurately counted due to Covid-19. If you’re looking to buy a distressed property in Newnan, here’s why this is not a good strategy with Covid-19 foreclosure restrictions.

Distressed Property Area by Falecia Terry

Sales Prices in Newnan GA

Newnan GA is one of the more expensive places to live in. This is partially due to its proximity to Atlanta, which is a large metropolitan area. It is also partially due to its proximity to a large number of lakes and other recreation areas, which is a major draw for many people moving into the area. For people looking to get a great place to live in an area that’s smaller than Atlanta, but still large enough to have a great selection of restaurants, entertainment, and other amenities, Newnan GA is a great place to live. The right real estate agent can be a huge help when it comes to getting a home in Newnan GA.

Sales Prices by Falecia Terry

List Prices in Newnan GA

There are a lot of factors that make up the list price of a home. The price that the seller sets is not the same as the asking price. The list price is the price that the home is advertised for sale at. It isn’t necessarily what the seller will accept for the property.

List Prices by Falecia Terry

Market Activity Summary in Newnan Georgia

In the past month, the number of homes sold in Newnan Georgia increased by 4.71%. This month, the median list price is $289,000. The sales to list price ratio is at 95.7% and the median days on market is 55.  As you can see, the real estate market in Newnan is hot!  If you are in Newnan and looking to buy a home, now is the time!

Market Activity Summary by Falecia Terry

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